Genesis Investigations, headquartered in Nashville, is a full-service Tennessee private investigator offering professional investigative services to individuals, attorneys, insurance companies and corporations throughout Tennessee.

We Get Results

We offer highly personalized service to best match your needs, and have served hundreds of satisfied clients throughout Tennessee and beyond.  Each one of our cases is unique; we recommend scheduling a free initial consultation to help us understand your particular issues and how best to serve you.  All our investigations are conducted to bring you the results and information you need. Read more

Genesis Investigations provides a complete range of investigative services, personalized to meet your individual needs.
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From domestic investigations to witness interviews, our expert investigative services are performed by a licensed, experienced Tennessee private investigator.
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If you've never worked with a private investigator before, take a look at our frequently asked questions.
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"Donna Clemons is by far the best private investigator in middle Tennessee.  She's relentless, does not understand the meaning of a door closing in her face and gets the information I need for my cases.  And an added bonus is that Donna works with her clients on trial preparation adding her expertise and knowledge to broaden an attorney's scope of defense.  I would use no other private investigators than Donna and her staff."
Pat Snyder, Attorney - Nashville, TN